Abortion Rally Cry

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This week, Krystyna learned something valuable from a YouTube video while Corinne learned way more than you’re probably supposed to at Lollapalooza. On today’s episode of #GuysWeFucked, C&K sit down with their longtime comedy pal and very pregnant lady — CHRISTINE MEEHAN-BERG — to talk about transporting her body, the very real possibility of shitting your pants at any time, pregnant sex, birth plans, her daughter getting poked with her dad’s dick, orgasms, lactating, and last lil thing nbd jk huge deal GETTING FIRED FOR GETTING PREGNANT WHICH IS VERY ILLEGAL IF YOU DID NOT KNOW. PLUS: Vaginismus, a discussion.

Gail Meets Christine Meehan and Casey Balsham

Gail Meets Girls Episode 31: Gail meets up with Christine Meehan and Casey Balsham and talk about being in a relationship with another comedian, whether being fat makes you funnier, and getting in your own way.

Check it out: https://player.fm/series/gail-meets-girls/gail-meets-christine-meehan-and-casey-balsham